E3 2017: Sales of PlayStation 4 top 60 million


LOS ANGELES — Sales of the PlayStation 4 topped 60 million, Sony announced Monday following an event showcasing the console’s next wave of games launching this holiday and beyond.

Sony used its media event ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo — the video game industry showcase, which officially opens Tuesday — to focus solely on the experiences players can expect to see on PS4 and PlayStation VR this holiday and next year.

“The PS4 platform is in its prime, with the industry’s best lineup of exclusive and partner titles slated to release this year, taking full advantage of the power of the PS4 system,” said Andrew House, President and global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in a statement.

Sony says software sales are also “strong,” topping 487 million copies of games as of June 11. Meanwhile, active users of the PS4 have spent more than 600 million hours per week on the platform.

IHS Markit analyst Piers Harding-Rolls says the introduction of PS4 Pro, a more powerful model of the console capable of running 4K resolutions, contributed to 20% of total sales since its launch last fall.

Microsoft is attempting to counter the PS4 Pro with a new powerful console, the Xbox One X, introduced Sunday and launching this November at $499.


“Sony PS4 Pro holds a pricing advantage over Microsoft’s Xbox One X and it is a cheaper price point coupled with a range of exclusives in 2017 and 2018 that will help the company maintain its market share,” said Harding-Rolls.

IHS projects Sony will end the year with sales at 69 million, compared to 36 million for the Xbox One.

Sony used its E3 stage to showcase several upcoming PS4 and PS VR games, including action epic God of War, interactive adventure Detroit: Become Human, and a video game based on the comic book superhero Spider-Man.

The company also unveiled some key exclusive partnerships, including one with Activision and its shared-world action game Destiny 2. Expansions for the game launched through fall 2018 will land on PS4 first.

“Sony has been a great partner,” said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg.

Although Sony has a sizable lead in the console space, the company is still pushing to attract newcomers. The company introduced PlayLink, which features a series of PS4 games combining your smartphone or tablet. In many cases, the games will transform your phone or tablet into another controller.

“Second screen gaming has never been particularly popular,” said Harding-Rolls. “So Sony will need to reinvent the experience and deliver compelling content to find traction using this strategy.”

Source: USA Today

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