Tailor-Made Business Solutions


    Concord Century Advisory (CCA) is the leading service provider in the UK. Established in 1990 in the UK, it provides global clients with consultancy, operations strategy, information management, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, loss minimization, process improvement and other business solutions.

    Services and solutions are custom-made for different clients that will ensure their improved business performance in terms of service quality development, maintaining & achieving competitive advantage and cost control.

    CCA believes in working hand in hand with its clients to discover areas that potentially require serious evaluation. Its consultancy service is designed as an ongoing process for most organizations to adopt irrespective of their organizational size and industry affiliation. It has a wide range of clients from different backgrounds.

    CCA also offers extensive training courses, focusing on awareness, documentation, implementation, total quality representation and quality objectives understanding. With years of experience and multiple success stories under its belt, CCA has helped many organizations, firms, companies and enterprises irrespective of their size and industry orientation in achieving the global standard.


    Operations strategy is one of CCA’s fortes. Now more than ever, creative strategies and forward-looking management are the keys to success, whether your goals are aligned to regional growth, global expansion, or both. Operations strategy is one of CCA’s fortes. The company is an expert at developing future-proof action plans, helping clients take a broad view of their challenges and opportunities, resulting in competitive operations.

    In most industries, IT is a key challenge as well as a business enabler. The pressure is on for IT to adapt as digitalization of business models accelerates. In many cases, a customized digital front-end is indispensable. Daily operations, however, require strong and reliable support by IT applications and infrastructure. There is a permanent inflow of requirements for implementing new products or functionalities at short intervals. At the same time, smooth communication between IT and business lines cannot be taken for granted. Stakeholders can seem like they are using different “languages”, meaning business strategies are not properly translated into IT requirements, or technology risks are not transparent outside the IT function. This information management is also an area that CCA prioritizes on.


    Another area that CCA helps client on is restructuring and corporate performance. Most companies treat restructuring as a reactive solution to a crisis, but there’s more to it. Change can be initiated proactively. Restructuring has undergone significant changes over the last few decades. At first, the focus was on restructuring the balance sheet and on getting the financial basis right. This was followed by a period driven by cost cutting. Nowadays, restructuring takes a holistic approach that starts with a sustainable business model from which cost structures, organization, and adequate financing are derived. Mainly due to changing financing environments, complex coordination issues, and dramatically rising numbers of involved parties, corporate transformation can no longer be thought of as a special tool that’s only brandished once the wheels start falling off—it is an ongoing process that can deliver enormous benefits to your company.

    CCA views good corporate finance as one of the core qualities of healthy companies. Management thinking has changed dramatically over the last half-century—and by necessity, corporate finance has changed with it. Today there is only one metric worth talking about: value.


    Value creation has become the dominant corporate philosophy for a very simple reason: it focuses attention on the one thing that actually matters. As value has become the key metric by which we measure performance, corporate finance has become one of the most important means for achieving that value.

    Concord Century’s corporate finance unit was set up to respond to these shifting dynamics. Its services are based on extensive experience across many large and complex investor support and M&A projects.

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